What’s your Dream Workspace?

By on June 30, 2014
Freelancing workspace

Having a workspace that you love is vital to increasing motivation, efficiency and the quality of your work. By choosing a quiet space with comfortable furniture that is decorated, as you like, you will wake up every morning excited and ready to start the productive day ahead.


Check out some tips below for inspiration and ideas for your dream office.




Pick a Quiet Spot

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Whether you want to work from home or are planning to rent office space, your work environment needs to be quiet to allow for exceptional focus. Choose a place – ideally a separate room with a door you can close, but a spacious corner works just as well – away from kids, pets, coworkers or windows that let in excessive traffic noise.  While some people need absolute silence to concentrate, others like to turn on Pandora or Spotify as background music, while some purchase a white noise machine to get themselves into a focused mindset.


Buy the Best Chair

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You’ll be spending a lot of time in your office, so it needs to be comfortable. Invest in an office chair – the brand-name seats can be priced well over $500, but if you do your research and a little bargain hunting, you’ll be able to find a relatively comfy chair that won’t break the bank. Look for a chair that provides good back support. If you have extra cash, invest in an Aeron Chair, it’ll save your ton’s of back pain and drastically improve your overall posture. Before buying your chair, be sure to test it out with a desk that’s about the height of yours, and make any adjustments necessary. Having a chair that is too high or low can strain your muscles after several hours, and it’s just plain uncomfortable.

Add Decor

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There are infinite possibilities when it comes to decorating your workspace, and you don’t need to be limited by the amount in your bank account. One way to improve your office area in just a few minutes is to frame (or tape) photos of loved ones around your desk. Bulletin boards and wall shelves can be both decorative and functional. Plants like succulents or cacti are beautiful and require very little work, while freshly cut flowers displayed in a glass vase add both class and perfume to an office.


Choose the Right Light

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Lighting is an important design element to consider. Windows let in lots of natural light, which is proven to reduce the severity of seasonal affect disorders. If your office is too dark, you could strain your eyes at a computer, so purchase a wall or floor lamp which produces a warm, bright light. Like anything else, test out the lamp before making it a permanent fixture in your office – too bright or powerful could cause a glare on screens.


A little time, energy and money can go a long way when creating your dream workspace. An office is more than a building, and having a friendly, professional atmosphere around your workplace will lead to great things. Once you’ve customized your workspace, you’ll be ready to start creating a portfolio and growing your business!


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