What skill can I learn which will allow me to find plenty of freelance work at $100/hour?

By on March 5, 2015

There are plenty of industries in which you can easily charge for. The challenge is that there’s such an abundance of skill out there now that the client can pick between a huge spectrum of price, and thus, quality.

Imagine, if you will. It’s 1965, you’re starting a Cafe. You need a logo design and branding done. You more or less have two choices. You can a sign that plainly states “JJ’s Cafe” in plain lettering and hang it up. Or, you can spend a few hundreds(few thousands now-days) to go to a professional branding firm. Depending on the type of cafe you want, you’ll pick one or the other. You could choose really good work, or just extremely mediocre work.

Nowadays, you can get a good logo done for a couple of hundred bucks at 99designs , a decently workable logo done at oDesk or eLance for under a hundred, or even get a pre-made logo template for $20 and put in the name of your business into the template.

You see, there’s so many options now that design is a commodity in the eyes of 90% of all your clients (The one’s that see the true value are hiring the likes of Jessica Hische and Aaron Draplin).

Having said that, there are still two ways of getting a lot of work at $100/hour.

  1. Do whatever you’re most passionate about, and stand out, brand yourself, and make a name. Essentially be the Rockstar of your industry. With this method you’ll won’t be only $100/hour, but maybe even $1,500/hour.
  2. Find an in-demand skill and market it while you master it. An example of this right now would be knowing Apple’s Swift coding language to create modern, relatively future-proof apps. It’s a hugely in-demand skill right now as it just got released. There’s also a huge market for it (existing app owners who need to update their apps to the new standard). In cases like this, being one of the first few dozen people to start marketing it give you such a huge jump start to start growing a customer base. You can also later on market the skills you’re passionate about to your customer base(e.g. if you love graphic design, you can offer to design them the UI kit for the app you’re creating for them)

Tl;DR: Find a relatively in-demand skill, get a customer base in it, then market whatever services you want afterwards to them.

There were my 2 cents. I hope you found it useful.

What skill can I learn which will allow me to find plenty of freelance work at $100/hour?

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