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By on March 8, 2015

Answer by Adam Rasheed:

From a Client Perspective:
Depending on my needs as a business, this may or may not be the right option for me. The best designs done by people who submit here, however, are MILES above anything I can find on craigslist, and thus is better than 90% of all small/local businesses.

If I'm a business that prides itself on branding and providing a great first impression, however, I would go a more professional route and hire a dedicated graphic designer/illustrator that specializes in branding.

From a Designer Perspective:
If I'm a beginner, 99designs is a good opportunity to for me to:

  • Fine-tune my design chops
  • Work at different types of projects
  • Learn how to effectively work with project briefs
  • Most importantly, see if this is something I want to do over and over again. A lot of talented illustrators and designers like making things, but only when they feel like it, and at their own pace. Working for a client is something totally different. You have to produce good work no matter how you're feeling.

If I have a few paying clients under my belt, and want to design professionally, its a bad idea for me to support places like this for a number of reasons. The biggest one being that most of the submissions to crowdsourcing places like 99designs are pre-made biolerplate designs that are super generic solutions.

Design, by definition, is a solution that's created to solve a specific problem that a generic logo, no matter how good-looking simply can't provide.

As a professional designer it should be your duty to communicate that to your market. And despite you saying this, a prospective clients still wants to save money and get it done of Fiverr or 99designs, was simply never your client to begin with.

Hope this helped!

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