Look No Hands! – How Michelle Vandy DesignsDifferently

By on December 29, 2014
Michelle Vandy Picture

I found a really cool link on Reddit. It was a link of a web designer/illustrator named Michelle Vandy that has a special condition. She designs and illustrates using her nose!

She most likely suffers from a condition called focal distonia, which is acondition that causes cramps and loss of fine motor skills. However, this doesn’t affect her design skills of her sense of design at all. Her portfolio shows she is actually, really, really good!

You can check at her portfolio website at: http://www.looknohands.me/

You can also watch the video on her website below:

Besides the really impressive portfolio of work, what I really like about Michelle’s story is that she isn’t using her condition as a crutch or just simply using it as a marketing tactic to differentiate herself. Instead, she really just has a different way of designing that works well for her.

What has inspired you lately?



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