FP Epsiode 4: Kurt Elster – Niching Down

By on April 29, 2015


Book Yourself Solid (Amazon)

Be Human – People want to engage with people!

EtherCycle – Kurt, Paul, David

Having an Ideal Client

Client ROI / Figure out the ROOT of the problem

The process of niching down.

Whats the thing you’re excited about?

Make an offering around your client’s main pain point.

Niche productized offering

Show results in your portfolio (facts, figures, ROIs)

Making guarantees

Working for Free – Client Guinea Pigs

You don’t have to give up generalist work in the beginning

Making awesome goals.

Car Talk


Kurtelster.com – Coaching Newsletter – Ask Me Anything

JustTellJulie.com – now with people for Monthly Recurring

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